Cleaning Up Timelapse – Video Blog Post

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Highspeed Cleaning Ladies

Keeping our office and equipment organized is a high priority, especially when the creative mist in the air practically forces the chaos upon us. In the following 105 seconds, we took a timelapse of us cleaning up and building a china bulb holder out of one of our Manfrotto tripod boxes. When you look really close, you can actually see how we tape the cable salad produced by all the external hard drives, screens and random cords to the corners and sides of our desks, which keeps our workspace nice and spacious.

And naturally, for the fashionistas out there, we are sporting our freshly delivered Prodigium Pictures T-Shirts, which we now wear since 45 days without a break, until they started to disintegrate and fly away … something like that. Oh, and of course you know Kaela Kimura, we all …?

木村 カエラ ? 木村 カエラ ??

… nothing? No way, you are not a fan of Japanese Pop music? WHAT?
No worries, not for long … because after watching this video you’ll be hooked on J-Rock like the Smurfs are hooked on Blues. Enjoy the free trip to Tokyo…:

About the Author

Tobias Deml is an Austrian Filmmaker and Visual Artist. 2012 Cinematography Reel: Tobias Deml ist ein österreichischer Filmstudent und Möchtegernregisseur in Los Angeles. Er arbeitet derzeit als Kameramann in Los Angeles und popelt in seiner Nase.