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Find here a complete, illustrated filmography of Tobias Deml, an Austrian Cinematographer and Visual Artist. This list of projects includes commercials, music videos and image films, and credits as Cinematographer, Producer, or Director.

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  • apertus-axiom-hollywood-open-source-bob-primes-asc-tobias-deml
    September 2012-February 2013 – Apertus AXIOM – Hollywood ♥ Open Source. Digital Video, 10min. Position: Cinematographer, Producer.

    A documentary project that features various filmmakers from Hollywood and around the world, bringing up the question: “Does Hollywood need an Open Source Camera?” The documentary will then be used to raise awareness about the camera development of the Apertus AXIOM and introduce a revolutionary philosophy to the filmmaking community.

    Project Website

  • December 2012, Men Without Capes. Digital Video, 11min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A pilot episode for a webseries starring three actors from the TV anthology series “Femme Fatales” (airing on the Cinemax Channel). The pilot is written and directed by the executive producer of the same show, and features two superheroes that meet after their workday, exploring their human side and superheroic insecurities.

  • December 2012, Serge Devant Music Video. Digital Video (4K), 3:35min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A music video for the famous Russian DJ Serge Devant, flying in to LA from Moscow.
    Artist Website

  • November 2012, 2012 Cinematography Reel, digital video, 2 minutes. Position: Cinematographer, Editor.

    My 2012 Cinematography reel.

    Watch the extended version

  • tobias-deml-screengrab-game-over-leonie-viola-thoene_1tobias-deml-screengrab-game-over-leonie-viola-thoene_2tobias-deml-screengrab-game-over-leonie-viola-thoene_3tobias-deml-screengrab-game-over-leonie-viola-thoene_4
    November 2012, Game Over. Digital Video (4K), 23min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A musical drama film produced by Saurus Entertainment (a leading German music production house), about a woman getting betrayed by her teacher and lover.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-andrej-music-video-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-andrej-music-video-screenshot_1
    November 2012, Andrei Pavlovich: “Unable”. Digital Video, 3min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A Russian music video about a man’s doubts about his wife’s faithfulness.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-andrej-music-video-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-andrej-music-video-screenshot_4
    November 2012, Andrei Pavlovich: “Hurts”. Digital Video, 3min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A Russian music video about a man dreaming of the perfect woman in his life, and realizing that his dream is nothing more than hot air.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-equation-commercial-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-equation-commercial-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-equation-commercial-screenshot_3
    November 2012, The Equation Commercial. Digital Video, 1min. Position: Cinematographer.

    Commercial for James Tarantin’s book franchise “The Equation”, which is endorsed and co-owned by Larry King.
    Watch the Commercial

    Book Website

  • October 2012, Amato Haute Couture Runway Show. Digital Video, 3min. Position: Cinematographer.

    An artistic video showcasing the 2012 collection of international designer Furne One, based in Dubai. This Fashion Video is scheduled to air on Satellite Television Channel Fashion One.
    Designer Website

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-lives-of-loggers-documentary-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-lives-of-loggers-documentary-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-lives-of-loggers-documentary-screenshot_4
    October 2012, The Lives of Loggers. Digital Video, 40min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A TV documentary about the living conditions, work challenges and family relations of loggers in Quebec and Ontario, Canada – intended for sale to the History Channel.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-parents-drama-film-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-parents-drama-film-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-parents-drama-film-screenshot_1
    September 2012, Parents. Digital Video (4K), 15min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A drama film about the problems between two parents and their increasingly lonely child, starring Ludmilla Dayer, a well-known actress from Brazil.
    Film Website

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-v-vampire-screenshot_1
    September 2012, V – Vampire. Digital Video, 6min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A horror film about a man turning into a vampire and getting a surprise visit from his juicy friends.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-burn-scars-horror-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-burn-scars-horror-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-burn-scars-horror-screenshot_1
    August 2012, Burn Scars. Digital Video, 15min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A horror film about a girl who – after being bullied – gets unwanted help from the evil spirit of her dead mother, who ends up killing her bullies.

  • August 2012, Urban Fresh Commercial. Digital Video, 2min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A commercial for the Beverly Hills-based store “Urban Fresh”.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-apait-25-years-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-apait-25-years-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-apait-25-years-screenshot_2
    August 2012, APAIT Health Center Commercial. Digital Video, 10min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A video made for the 25 Year Anniversary of the APAIT Health Center, an Aids therapy program and general health clinic based in Los Angeles.
    Watch the Commercial

  • August 2012, Alexander Antebi / Conquistador Music Video. Digital Video, 4min. Position: Cinematographer.

    An abstract music video for artist extravagant Alexander Antebi and his band Conquistador.
    Artist Website

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-kirill-andreev-music-video-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-kirill-andreev-music-video-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-kirill-andreev-music-video-screenshot_3
    August 2012, Kirill Andreev Music Video. Digital Video (4K), 4min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A music video for Russian pop singer Kiril Andreev, flying in from Moscow. The story is about a young man meeting a mysterious girl and getting obsessed with her, just to find out that she is attracted to women.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-rocco-bukatzoo-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-rocco-bukatzoo-screenshot_2rocco-bukatzoo-tobias-deml-tim-sander
    December 2011-June 2012, Rocco Bukatzoo. Digital Video, 90min, still in Production. Position: Cinematographer, Producer.

    A mafia action comedy with many stunts about a loser thug who aspires to become a big gangster – and accidentally gets adopted by one of the most powerful mobster bosses on the West Coast.
    Film Website

    Watch the Teaser

  • on-y-va-implode-fashion-video-tobias-deml-cinematographer-2on-y-va-implode-fashion-video-tobias-deml-cinematographer-3on-y-va-implode-fashion-video-tobias-deml-cinematographeron-y-va-implode-fashion-video-tobias-deml-cinematographer-4
    May 2012, On Y Va Collective: Implode. Digital Video, 4min. Position: Cinematographer.

    Fashion video for the luxury lifestyle group On Y Va Collective, featuring clothing designed by Furne One (Dubai). The story revolves around a man who tries to please his ever-more demanding wife and half-goddess.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-i-have-commercial-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-ihave-commercial-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-ihave-commercial-screenshot_3
    June 2012, iHave Commercial. Digital Video, 2min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A commercial for the Russian accessory company iHave. Story: A man escapes his work life in the city and drives out to the countryside to execute a BASE jump.

    Watch the Commercial

  • May 2012, Annabelle Lee. Digital Video, 15min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A film about a man who slowly turns into his wife after he cannot accept her death.
    IndieGoGo Project Page

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-sunnybag-commercial-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-sunnybag-commercial-screenshot_2
    May 2012, Sunnybag Commercial. Digital Video, 1min. Position: Cinematographer/Director.

    Commercial for the Austrian company Sunnybag (manufactures solar-powered messenger bags), produced by Prodigium Pictures.
    Watch the Commercial

    Company Website

  • May 2012, Oleg Sweet: “Drops of Sunset”. Digital Video (4K), 4min. Position: Co-Producer.

    A music video for Russian musician Oleg Sweet, in which intrigue and abuse throw a young woman back and forth between two competing men.

    Watch the Music Video

  • amato_haute_couture-tobias-deml-furne-oneamato_haute_couture-tobias-deml-furne-one_1amato_haute_couture-tobias-deml-furne-one_2
    April 2012, Amato Haute Couture – It’s Alive. Digital Video, 4min. Position: Cinematographer, Editor.

    A fashion video for Furne One’s Summer 2012 Collection “It’s Alive”.
    Watch the Fashion Video

    Designer Website

  • at-the-ballet-tobias-deml-cinematography
    May 2012, At the Ballet. Digital Video, 8min. Position: Cinematographer

    A film about the different stages in the life of a ballerina – from youthful acrobatics to age-related injuries and eventual downfall; all expressed within a one-shot narrative. Shot in Arizona.
    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-iaft-commercial-film-schooltobias-deml-iaft-commercial-film-school_1
    April 2012, IAFT Film School Commercial. Digital Video, 3min. Position: Director, Cinematographer.

    A commercial for an international film school, which aired on Satellite Television Channel “Fashion One” in different lengths.

    Watch the Commercial

  • April 2012, No Business Like. Digital Video, 10min. Position: Producer.

    A Webseries about three girls in their early twenties trying to make it in the movie industry as actresses and writers.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-what-have-i-done-western-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-what-have-i-done-western-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-what-have-i-done-western-screenshot_5tobias-deml-cinematographer-what-have-i-done-western-screenshot_2
    March 2012, What Have I Done. Digital Video, 22min. Position: Cinematographer, Colorist.

    A Western revolving around the question of responsibility once killing someone; the film was shot on a western set in Yucca Valley. In the last stages of post production.

    Watch the Trailer

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-r-royalty-screenshot_1
    November 2011-March 2012, Rock Royalty. Digital Video, 30min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A reality show revolving around the life and business endeavors of Cheryl Rixon Davis, running the largest jewelry line in Japan and night club owner in Los Angeles; featuring the famous singer Sebastian Bach from “Skid Row”.

  • carmen-tobias-deml-cinematographer-4carmen-tobias-deml-cinematographer-2carmen-tobias-deml-cinematographer-1carmen-tobias-deml-cinematographer
    February 2012, Carmen. Digital Video, 7min. Position: Cinematographer/Colorist.

    A wealthy American family adpots and later abuses a young girl from Korea – who then takes revenge once she is an adult.

    IMDB Link

  • February 2012, SuKarne Commercial. Digital Video, 4min. Position: Cinematographer, Producer.

    A custom-tailored commercial for the international Mexican Beef distributor SuKarne (supplying to the Americas, Europe and Asia). The company’s mascot is dancing in outer space and communicating with different SuKarne bases around the globe, while defeating the evil BSE monster. The video was premiered on a large food convention in Tokyo, Japan; the marketing concept of SuKarne (which included the commercial) earned praise from the press for its unique and playful approach.
    Company Website

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-going-away-silver-firs-music-video-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-going-away-silver-firs-music-video-screenshot_2
    January 2012, Silver Firs: “Away We Go”. Digital Video, 4min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A music video shot for the Swiss band Silver Firs, with possible MTV distribution. Two girls drive to Las Vegas, ransack 7-11′s and act out their pseudo-lesbian, rebellious and interpersonal fantasies in the city and the surrounding desert.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-voce-image-film-screenshot_1
    January 2012, VoCE Image Film. Digital Video, 3min. Position: Director, Cinematographer, VFX.

    An image film shot for the California Haircare company VoCE, in which we shot the main store, major LA runway shows, product shots and Los Angeles/Malibu landmarks from an airplane, intercut with each other to communicate the brand’s California-driven, young, fashionable and high-quality identity.
    Watch the Image Film

    Company Website

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-noumena-sci_fi-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-noumena-sci_fi-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-noumena-sci_fi-screenshot_3
    January 2012, Noumena. Digital Video (4K), 8min. Position: Cinematographer.

    Science-Fiction short film shot on the RED Scarlet about time travel, in which a woman survives the deadly trip across dimensions to recover an artifact – and makes a unique connection with a being from another world.

    Watch the Film


  • the-golden-heart-teaser-tobias-deml-cinematographer-1the-golden-heart-teaser-tobias-deml-cinematographerthe-golden-heart-teaser-tobias-deml-cinematographer-2
    December 2011, Golden Heart Feature Film Teaser. Digital Video, 10min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A teaser made as proof-of-concept for a feature titled “The Golden Heart”, an action-drama to be shot in Bolivia in 2013. The story revolves around three young women hunting after a long lost artifact in the jungle.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-itinerum-mentis-prologue-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-itinerum-mentis-prologue-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-itinerum-mentis-prologue-screenshot_4
    December 2011, Prologue: Itinerum Mentis. Digital Video, 9min. Position: Cinematographer, Colorist, VFX.

    Teaser for a feature film (scheduled for production in 2013 with Tobias Deml as Cinematographer) titled “Itinerum Mentis”, a 70s-style thriller/love story about two men falling in love with the same woman and spiraling down into a dark journey of their minds.

    Watch the Teaser

    Official Feature Film Website

    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-spiral-commercial-screenshot_1
    December 2011, Spiral Commercial. Digital Video, 1min. Position: Director, Cinematographer, Colorist, VFX.

    A commercial shot for a japanese night club event – in the commercial, we follow multiple people on their path of discovering this event, and how their regular lives are transformed by attending the event.

    Watch the Commercial

  • November 2011, Painted. Digital Video, 10min. Position: Cinematographer.

    A horror film about a young couple experiencing horrifying pain and hallucinations because of a cursed painting that they hung in their house.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-amato-haute-couture-furne-one-screenshot_1
    November 2011, Amato Haute Couture & Gypsy05 runway shows. Digital Video, 3 min each. Position: Cinematographer/Editor.

    Runway show videos for well-recognized fashion Designers in Los Angeles. Amato Haute Couture is designed by Furne One, an internationally known designer based in Dubai; many of the Amato designs are worn by Nicki Minaj and similar artists in music videos and at award ceremonies. Gypsy05 is a fashion brand based in LA, and popular among celebrities for award shows and special events.

    Watch the Amato Haute Couture Fashion Video

    Watch the Gypsy05 Fashion Video

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-breakup-blind-date-screenshot_1
    October 2011, The Breakup / Blind Date. Digital Video, 18min. Position: Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist.

    A film about two gay men, that interlaces their very first blind date and their breakup, showing who they have become through their relationship.

    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-hochschulreife-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-hochschulreife-screenshot_3tobias-deml-cinematographer-hochschulreife-screenshot_4
    August 2011, Hochschulreife, digital video, 90 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    A feature comedy film. Three high school graduates from Austria travel to Los Angeles to party and celebrate the end of their high school years – and amidst the parties, they discover who they are deep down. Currently in distribution negotiations.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-bikeman-begins-screenshot_1
    July 2011, Bikeman Begins, digital video (5K), 90 minutes. Position: Second Unit Cinematographer.

    A young man travels from LA to San Diego via bicycle to spread the word about alternative transportation and eco-friendly super heroes at Comic Con. Shot on the RED Epic, often mounted to the electro-assisted bicycle that I rode back and forth between LA and San Diego. To be premiered at next year’s Comic Con.

    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-cinematography-reel-2011tobias-deml-cinematography-reel-2011-1
    June 2011, 2011 Cinematography Reel, digital video, 3 minutes. Position: Cinematographer, Editor.

    My 2011 Cinematography reel, which helped me to get a lot more contacts and work.

    Watch the Reel

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-alternative-reality-screenshot_4tobias-deml-cinematographer-alternative-reality-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-alternative-reality-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-alternative-reality-screenshot_3
    June 2011, Alternative Reality, digital video, 8 minutes. Position: Cinematographer, VFX Artist.

    Directed by Hiroki Kamada, three kids get sucked into a video game and need to face their enemies – and their own insecurities.
    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-desert-flower-field-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-desert-flower-field-screenshot_2tobias-deml-cinematographer-desert-flower-field-screenshot_3
    May 2011, Desert Flower Field, digital video, 4 minutes. Position: Director, Cinematographer.

    A music video we shot in the blooming fields of wild California poppies for the Austrian musician Fabian Suske.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-out-into-the-light-screenshot_1out-into-the-light-tobias-deml-cinematographer-1out-into-the-light-tobias-deml-cinematographer
    March 2011, Out into the Light, digital video, 10 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    A young man loses the love of his life to cancer; after a long period of depression, a new woman steps into his life and helps him out of his pool of self-pity. The film was officially selected in the Hamptons, Chicago and San Francisco Film Festivals.

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-road-to-nirvana-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-road-to-nirvana-screenshot_2
    January 2011, Road to Nirvana, digital video, 7 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    A film about a crazy rock star who meets with a producer to discuss the making of his new autobiographical film.

  • tobias-deml-cinematography-reel-2010-1tobias-deml-cinematography-reel-2010-2
    January 2011, 2010 Cinematography Reel, digital video, 3 minutes. Position: Cinematographer, Editor.

    My first cinematography reel, for work I shot in 2010.

    Watch the Reel


  • terminated-tobias-deml-director-3terminated-tobias-deml-directorterminated-tobias-deml-director-2terminated-tobias-deml-director-1
    December 2010, TERMINATED, digital video, 15 minutes. Position: Writer, Director, Editor.

    A project about a man getting fired I started for a class assignment in Film 32 but transcended to my biggest film project so far, shooting in a massive office building in Downtown LA, involving stunts and nearly getting shut down by firefighters and police. Half of the film is running backwards. Awaiting festival submission.
    Watch the Film

    Explore the Making Of

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-price-of-air-screenshot_1tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-price-of-air-screenshot_2
    November 2010, The Price of Air, digital video, 15 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    A movie dealing with the problems of radio airwave ownership and a small pirate radio station in the 1980s.
    IMDB Link

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-breaking-the-shell-screenshot_1breaking-the-shell-tobias-deml-cinematographer-2
    November 2010, Breaking the Shell, digital video, 15 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    This film is about the insecurities of young women and how they deal with it.

    Watch a Scene

  • tobias-deml-cinematographer-the-collector-screenshot_1
    October 2010, The Collector, digital video, 15 minutes. Position: Cinematographer.

    A young woman’s sexual desires are suddenly channeled towards one specific man, who she just can’t forget any more. Starring Rudolf Martin (a recurring TV actor), premiered at the Malibu Film Festival and was officially selected for the LA/NY Film Festival and NYC Film Festival.

    Watch the Trailer

    IMDB Link

  • chinatown-love-rectangle-tobias-deml-director-3chinatown-love-rectangle-tobias-deml-director-2chinatown-love-rectangle-tobias-deml-director-1chinatown-love-rectangle-tobias-deml-director
    June 2010, Chinatown Love Rectangle, digital video, 5 minutes. Position: Director, Editor.

    A film about a twisted love story that sets in a market as well as an abandoned alley in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Cinematography by Hiroki Kamada.

    Watch the Film

  • the-cliff-julia-koch-tobias-deml-cinematographer-1the-cliff-julia-koch-tobias-deml-cinematographerthe-cliff_david-franklin_tobias-deml-cinematographer-2the-cliff_david-franklin_tobias-deml-cinematographer-3
    June 2010, The Cliff, digital video, 5 minutes. Position: Cinematographer, Colorist, VFX.

    A film about suicide and the unique connection of two strangers, directed by Hiroki Kamada. Starring Julia Koch, and David Franklin from the TV Series “Farscape”.
    Watch the Film

  • the-phone-booth-tobias-deml-director-1the-phone-booth-tobias-deml-director-julia-koch-2the-phone-booth-tobias-deml-director
    June 2010, The Phonebooth, digital video, 3 minutes. Position: Director, Editor.

    We meet a young woman at an anonymous phone booth, saying goodbye to her sister and pretending that everything will be fine.
    Watch the Film

  • pontiac-firebird-tobias-deml-cinematographerpontiac-firebird-tobias-deml-cinematographer-1pontiac-firebird-tobias-deml-cinematographer-4pontiac-firebird-tobias-deml-cinematographer-3
    February 2010, Pontiac Firebird Spec Commercial, digital video, 1 minute. Position: Director, Cinematographer.

    A mock commercial set in the Mojave desert; the first of many collaborations with Hiroki Kamada. The commercial was officially selected for the FilmOneFest Film Festival in Philadelphia.
    Watch the Commercial

  • tobias-deml-faces-of-venice_2tobias-deml-faces-of-venice_1
    January 2010, Faces of Venice, digital video, 11 minutes. Position: Director.

    A short documentary about people living in Venice Beach.
    Watch the documentary

2003-2012: CGI / 3D Graphics, Photography, Graphic Design:

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Tobias Deml is an Austrian Filmmaker and Visual Artist. 2012 Cinematography Reel: Tobias Deml ist ein österreichischer Filmstudent und Möchtegernregisseur in Los Angeles. Er arbeitet derzeit als Kameramann in Los Angeles und popelt in seiner Nase.